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I’m finding the Trump victory hard to emotionally accept; the utterly corrupt nature of Clinton and her establishment has created the impetus for people to become impatient and fight for the wrong sort of change. This was the time for progressive solidarity, instead it feels like an alternative world of 2008.

I was clinging to the prospect that US-Russian relations might cool down in the wake of a trump victory, but will this outweigh the social impact he will have be on the country?

Of course there is no guarantee that Trump will be able or willing to enact any if his vague and indistinct policies, the establishment has created Trump and he will serve it just like Obama and Bush did. We have witness countless number of occasions throughout history where political figures have manipulated public opinion in the hope of appealing like a radical candidate only to fall back on their promises; we saw how Cromwell prevented any political reforms despite using his subversive political image to help him garner support during the ‘English’ Civil War (1638-1660).

We must hope that there will be a united resistance to this reactionary right-wing movement in 2020, but I fear the Democrats will just to offer another just another lukewarm fake left-wing politician for Americans to vote for and the cycle will just repeat itself.

The anger and anxiety that resides within the the Anti-Trump citizens of the US must not resort to the sort to the antagonism, gloom and pessimism of this outcome. The moment that people start yielding to the self-serving establishment is the moment where everything is truly over.

I’ll leave you with this one movie clip about how we truly need to wake up.