To celebrate the opening of the National Civil War Museum, this blog will explore the social, cultural and political world of the British Isles and will attempt to compare (when relevant) today’s events to those back in early modern times (1500-1700). From time to time, I will try and touch upon the different ways in which radical history and contemporary politics often entwine with each other.

This blog seeks to stimulate interest towards a time when it was not just the British constitutional liberties that were being challenged, but also how the rules of civil conflict were constantly changing. In the wake of the political events from 2015, many of those residing in the UK currently believe that the British national identity is now in flux. This blog aims to show some comparisons to an era where British nationalism was transforming to something much more extreme.

I don’t intend to draw massive conclusions, only to commentate, spectate and ask an important question what makes us radical?

My name is Reece Samuels. I am an English history graduate and also an aspiring teacher and blogger seeking to question the social, political economical traditions that bind the United Kingdom.

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